Simply less packaging and food waste

The increase in food waste and the reduction of packaging waste are important political and social issues.

In answer to these problems we have provided our Pure-Pak® Sense carton with the so-called easy fold feature. This feature allows easy and space-saving folding of the beverage carton after use, thus reducing food waste and waste volume in the dustbin.

More content – less waste

Thanks to the easy folding of the empty packaging after use, food waste is reduced, and the waste volume minimized.

Food waste in Germany
– did you know?

WWF study “Das große Wegschmeißen” (2015) – (“The big disposal”),
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and Elopak consumer test (2017)

Results of our consumer tests

Consumers think it is important that as little of the product as possible remains in the packaging and that the waste volume is reduced. Our Pure-Pak® Sense carton meets all these demands.

Pure-Pak® Sense folding video

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