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Consumers’ demand for more regionality, skilled craftsmanship and greater transparency in the sourcing of raw materials led us to an innovative packaging solution.

The paperboard developed by Elopak and Stora Enso is perfectly designed to meet these requirements: Our new Naturally Pure-Pak® carton has a matte finish, visible fiber structure and generates 17% less CO2e emissions compared to standard board qualities. Elopak’s new gable top carton, with its particularly striking natural look, is available in 1L and 500ml sizes. It is suitable for filling of fresh milk and can run on existing filling lines without adjustments to the machine set-up.

The Naturally Pure-Pak® paperboard in detail

“What makes this board so unique is that it is brown inside as well as outside. This results in strengthened ecological impression of the carton packaging and enhanced stand out on the shelf.”

Annica Bresky
Executive Vice President Board Department

Environmentally friendly!
Outstanding on shelf.

Rated as attractive, particularly among younger consumers

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This is what the consumers say…

What our customers say about the Naturally Pure-Pak® packaging:

“We believe that the new Pure-Park® carton will generate attention, as it communicates ecological values and is completely different to anything else available in the increasingly complex segment of fresh dairy products.”

Anna-Karin Modin Edman
Sustainability Manager
from Arla Foods

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