No need to imagine the most sustainable carton – it’s here!

According to a study by the GfK consumer research association from last autumn, every second European worries about plastic waste – climate change follows in second place. Both topics are equally important to German consumers.

With our Pure-Pak®, we already offer consumers an ecofriendly and low carbon packaging solution supporting them in avoiding plastics and consuming in a climate-friendly way. With our latest development, the Pure-Pak® Imagine carton, we are even taking a step further.

Innovatively repacked – in the spirit of times

Europe’s most popular fresh milk carton becomes even more environmentally friendly by omitting the plastic closure. This will inspire future generations to make a positive contribution to the world’s climate. In our constantly changing society, we offer packaging solutions today for tomorrow’s demands – Pure-Pak® Imagine.

“The topic of sustainability will remain – and that is sustainable. This is no longer a social trend, but a shift in mindset and values, influencing attitudes and deliberately implemented in buying decisions. Consumers feel responsibility. They want to be part of good.”

Kim Cheng, Managing Director at German Packaging Institute

  • Climate-neutral
  • More lightweight, naturally brown board
  • With forest-based renewable PE

Pure-Pak® Imagine – benefits at a glance

  • Easy to open and pour

    Easy opening: easy mechanism for opening (without scissors) and reclosing
    Carafe feature: non-drip pouring and improved dosing

  • More convenience

    Easy fold line on the side allows squeezing out the last drop and enables space-saving disposal

  • Better for the planet

    With forest-based renewable PE
    With FSC and CarbonNeutral® certification to ensure that forests and climate are protected

  • More flexibility

    The carton can run on our latest filling technology, in parallel with Pure-Pak® Classic and Pure-Pak® Sense

  • Less plastic

    46% less plastic compared to a carton with closure
    10 times less plastic than an average PET bottle

  • Attractive design

    Natural look and feel
    Eye-catching top fin design

“Manufacturers in particular must therefore take action, address their local target groups in an innovative way and invite consumers to work together on the solution.”

Lenneke Schils, GfK expert in Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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