76% recycling rate in Germany

Approximately 175,000 tonnes of beverage cartons are produced for the German market every year. This equates to an amount of approx. 2 kilograms per capita per year.

Since the introduction of the Dual Systems framework (1991), almost 3 million tonnes of beverage cartons have been recycled.

This has been achieved through numerous activities by beverage carton manufacturers on a national and international scale. In addition to the promotion of innovative recycling processes, collection and sorting of used beverage cartons throughout Europe has steadily improved.

Ambitious – but achievable

An ambition that pays off! And with the new packaging law coming into force in the coming year, a separate rate for beverage cartons has been fixed. By 2022 at the latest, a recycling rate of 80% is compulsory.


For paper recycling, the long and tear-resistant cellulose fibers of our beverage cartons are optimally suited. As a result of their high quality, these can be recycled up to 6 times. New boxes for pizza, eggs or shoes can be made from the used beverage cartons.

Beverage carton recycling companies in Germany

In Germany, ReCarton, a 100% subsidiary of the Fachverband Kartonverpackungen für flüssige Nahrungsmittel e.V. (FKN - the trade association focused on carton packaging for liquid food products), functions as a contractor for the nine Dual Systems companies now in existence.

ReCarton signs recycling contracts with paper factories and takes responsibility for the management of logistics as well as the delivery of “volume flow records” to state ministries for environmental protection.

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