Test winner amongst UHT milk packaging

We recently sent our new gable top carton family for UHT milk to the test. With the help of the well-known market research group TNS Infratest, we interviewed 273 consumers about the most common packaging formats currently available in Germany. Both the appearance and the handling of the packaging had to be judged by the consumers.
The result was quite clear: Pure-Pak® Sense obtained top marks for design and convenience. In comparison to all packaging from competition, the three gable top cartons by Elopak that were tested were preferred.

Willingness to buy after handling TOP 2 boxes, based on a market research survey with a 7-point scale from 1= “I strongly disagree” to 7= “I strongly agree”
Basic question: “After testing this packaging, how much would you like to buy this packaging at a reasonable price?”

The results in detail

Customers demand convenience and product protection for milk packaging:

Easy pouring
Easy opening and closing
Gives the impression of high-quality milk
Lies comfortably in your hand

Basic question: Please indicate the importance you give to these characteristics with regard to milk packaging. In %, top 3 boxes on a 7-point scale

What our customers say about the Pure-Pak® packaging for UHT milk:

“It is important to us that our products distinguish themselves not just due to their modern, attractive design, but also clearly differ from conventional shapes of long-life milk packaging.”

Winfried Meier
Arla Foods
Group Vice President Germany

Pure-Pak® Sense Video

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