Tethered caps
a tight connection for the future

In April, our long-standing customer NordseeMilch will launch the first beverage cartons with our tethered cap - the Pure-TwistFlip™. With this early change, the dairy is underlining its consistent focus on maximum sustainability in its products and packaging. At the same time, this launch rings in the comprehensive move towards a new generation of closures, which must be completed by mid-2024.

Pure-TwistFlip™ 29i: The perfect symbiosis of sustainability and convenience

  • The Pure-TwistFlip 29i offers maximum ease of use with minimum weight.
  • The new cap is fully recyclable and lighter than all previous versions.
  • The lid remains firmly attached to the carton and is reliably recycled.
  • Once opened, the Pure-TwistFlip 29i can be positioned anywhere and does not interfere with pouring, thanks to the practical rotating mechanism.
  • The freshness seal provides additional protection when opened for the first time.
  • After reclosing, the carton is reliably closed and can also be stored horizontally in the refrigerator.

NordseeMilch eG

"We drive innovation in all areas of our company. Innovations such as the natural brown carton from Elopak or the now available tethered caps, fit perfectly with our regional brand and the growing demand for fresh dairy products."

Christoph Bossmann, Managing Director of NordseeMilch eG

Ready to switch? We are.

  • The requirements of the Single-Use Plastics Directive (EU Directive 2019/904) will come into force in July 2024.
  • From this point on, all closures of beverage containers must be designed so that they remain firmly attached to the packaging even after opening.
  • The objective of the EU directive is to reduce or even prevent the impact of certain plastic products on human health and the environment.

"The switch to our new Pure-TwistFlip™ can be implemented on existing filling machines with relatively little technical effort and time. With the professional support of our on-site team of technicians, we will make the transition to this new generation of closures as easy as possible for our customers.“

Wolfgang Buchkremer, Chief Technology Officer at Elopak

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