A newly packaged classic

Nearly everyone in Germany has heard the slogan "Nichts geht über Bärenmarke“ (nothing beats Bärenmarke). We say: nothing beats Bärenmarke in a Pure-Pak® beverage carton. This is why we are absolutely delighted that Hochwald Foods GmbH has decided to relaunch their popular family brand in our sustainable packaging and has chosen our expertise in aseptic filling and for customer service. It's a collaboration that looks set to be as strong as a bear!

Relaunch in Pure-Pak®

  • Hochwald Foods GmbH has switched the packaging of its Bärenmarke products with long shelf life to Pure-Pak® beverage cartons.
  • Since April, Bärenmarke milk in both fat content levels is available in our 1-litre Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic with Pure-Twist Optima closure including one-step opening. Iced coffee, cocoa and the barista milk launched last year will follow shortly.
  • By switching to our Pure-Pak®, Hochwald sharpens the profile of the Bärenmarke brand, giving it a more modern look.

Did you know?

  • Bärenmarke's very first product, condensed milk, was launched on the German market in 1912 – a real innovation at the time.
  • In the early days, the condensed milk was also used as baby food – until 1992, the brand logo still displayed a mother bear giving her baby bear a bottle.
  • Accompanied by the slogan “Nothing beats Bärenmarke”, the Bärenmarke bear made its first screen appearance in 1957 – and has become a true advertising icon
  • With a brand awareness of 96%, Bärenmarke is one of the best-known brands in Germany.

Setting standards: E-PS120A aseptic filling machine

For the filling of their product range, Hochwald uses our E-PS120A aseptic filling machine, which offers a number of advantages:

Up to 12,000 packs per hour for a wide range of products, carton sizes and gable top carton formats

Fully automatic cleaning system of the aseptic chamber

Up to 96 hours production interval

Quick change of blanks and sizes

Open and transparent design for easy access to all line components

Depalettising using the Elopak Blank Loading System (EBL), an autonomous robotic system.
Mostly automatic opening of the outer packaging and contact-free feeding of blanks into the machine.
Pallet change only required every 90 minutes.

A one-stop solution: the Elopak Production Service

The E-PS120A aseptic filling machine at the new production site in Hochwald in Mechernich is operated by our Elopak personnel, who are responsible for all technical tasks – including quality assurance, maintenance and spare parts management.

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