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Case Milk & More
Milk & More, UK

In addition to the classic glass bottle, Milk & More now also offers its customers fresh milk in Pure-Pak® cartons with natural brown board. In good old British tradition, they are delivered directly to the doorstep by the milkman. Each product variant is presented as a different façade of a home.

Case Joerd

JÖRĐ is Arla’s plant-based brand that has existed since 2020. It has now been relaunched as Arla JÖRĐ, making it a sub-brand of Arla. The product range includes oat drinks in various flavours, whose packaging designs have also been revised as part of the rebranding. 

Case Yoplait
Yoplait, France

Yoplait, the world’s largest yoghurt franchise brand, launches its first pourable and spoonable yoghurt in the Pure-Pak® Sense carton. The packaging is made from 78% renewable materials. With its 750 gram size, the carton replaces 6 plastic yoghurt pots and saves 50% packaging.

Case PlainB
plain b, Germany

Following the successful launch of plain b’s refill hand soap with the apricot fragrance last year, two new fragrances are now available: ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Forest Harmony’. Compared to conventional plastic hand soap dispensers, the D-PAK carton saves 82% plastic. 

Molokia, Ukraine

Ukrainian manufacturer Ternopil Dairy has updated the designs of its fairytale milk for the Molokia brand with new characters. Wolf, bear, fox, hedgehog, stork and rabbit are now the stars of the packaging. There is also a lactose-free milk. The products are recommended by the Association of Paediatricians of Ukraine.

Robinsons, UK

“Less plastic – more serves” – Britvic launched super strength concentrated squash for the Robinsons brand using the 500ml Pure-Pak Classic carton. The result. 60 serves per 500ml and 85% less plastic per serve.

smol, UK

smol’s refill carton range continues to grow. Following dishwashing liquid and fabric softener, stain remover has now also been available in practical cartons since the start of 2024. The original bottle for applying and dispensing the liquids is made from 100% recycled plastic.

LoveMilk, UK

In response to growing consumer concern about plastic waste, the UK’s largest independent dairy launched cartons with tethered caps for its fresh milk products in the food service sector. This will significantly reduce the amount of plastic used in Freshway’s packaging.

Tropicana Getränkekarton
Tropicana, UK

Tropicana has launched its first range of shelf-stable juices, opening up new markets for the global brand. The shelf-stable juices launched at all major retailers in the UK in mid-2023.

WOVO by Campomayor, Spain

Liquid egg pioneer Campomayor has teamed up with Spanish food scientists to develop the world’s first dairy alternative made from egg whites. WOVO was launched in April 2023 in national retailers across Spain including Carrefour Hypermarkets, Gadis, Froiz and Vegalsa-Eroski chains.

D-PAK™ carton for LUORO
LUORO, Germany

The German manufacturer and supplier of sustainable products introduced the new ‘Mild Herbs’ Paperdent mouthwash in 500ml D-PAK™ cartons in August 2023. The carton enables LUORO to save more than 80 percent plastic compared to the usual packaging for mouthwash products.

Délice Tunesia

Délice is launching two new functional juices in 750 ml Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic cartons. The packaging optimally protects the apple nectar with cereal fibre and the multi-fruit nectar with magnesium.

The Real Milkshake UK

By switching from our Pure-Pak® Classic to Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic cartons, The Real Milkshake Company can offer its delicious, local milkshakes in an even more sustainable way. The carton contains 70 per cent less plastic than a standard plastic milk bottle of comparable size.

Boxed Water™ USA

Boxed Water™ has teamed up with Universal to create exclusive new designs for our 500ml Pure-Pak® mini cartons. They feature the popular dinosaurs from the Jurassic World universe – a real eye-catcher.

Arla Germany

The dairy cooperative Arla is launching a new milk brand under the name Arla Æ.K.T® that stands for climate protection and animal welfare. The milk is packaged in our particularly sustainable natural brown 1 litre Pure-Pak® Sense cartons.

Pinzgau Milch Austria

Even before the deadline in July 2024, Pinzgau Milch meets the requirements of a new EU directive by having all its milk cartons fitted with a tethered closure.

Lidl Vemondo DACH, France, Poland

Lidl relaunches oat drinks in the Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic carton under its own brand Vemondo. The products can be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland.

Graham‘s UK

Scotland-based Graham’s Dairy becomes the first UK dairy to produce a range of milk in Pure-Pak® cartons using the tethered Pure-TwistFlip™ closure.

Erlebnis Sennerei Zillertal Austria

In keeping with the motto „Thinking about tomorrow today“, the milk cartons of Erlebnis Sennerei Zillertal already carry the attached Pure-TwistFlip™ closure.

Berglandmilch Austria

All gable top cartons of the Schärdinger, Lattella, Tirol Milch and Stainzer brands are already equipped with the Pure-TwistFlip™ closure, which remains firmly attached to the packaging.


The Green Dairy AB, our customer in Sweden since 2018, has taken another big step forward for the plant-based movement as it distributes a new range of oat-based drinks to IKEA using the Pure-Pak® Sense aseptic cartons.


Lidl’s plant-based brand Vemondo has been on the shelves across Europe for many years. The range continued to expand to meet consumers tastes in January 2022 with the launch of two new oat drinks in Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic cartons.


The largest chain of supermarkets in Great Britain sells a lot of vegan products under the brand Wicked Kitchen. This includes oat-, soy-, almond- and coconut-milk in Pure-Pak® eSense cartons by Elopak.

Elopak Verpackung Postevand

Postevand – danish for: tap water. Drink it, say the founders of this unusual company. And if you cannot, then use Postevand in the environmentally friendly, aluminium-free Pure-Pak® classic for H2O!

Elopak Verpackung Ware Produkte
A-Ware Netherlands

A-Ware is a traditional Dutch family business with a passion for sustainable foods. The Group’s commitment to have a positive influence on people and the planet, and to support retailer’s sustainable strategies to reduce plastic packaging, has led to this recent move to Elopak cartons.

Bärenmarke Germany

Bärenmarke is one of the best-known brands in Germany with 96% awareness level, and famous for its iconic bear character which first made an appearance in 1957 together with its slogan “Nothing beats Bärenmarke”. The milk products by Hochwald Foods have lived up to its legendary slogan and now its popularity is set to grow with the launch in Pure-Pak® cartons.

Elopak Verpackung Friendly Vikings
Friendly Viking’s

Plant based alternatives by the friendly Viking: Using their brand „Friendly Viking’s“ finnish family-run Juustoportti offers drinks from nordic oats – using environment-friendly packaging by Elopak!


From their family farm in the heart of Scotland, Graham’s has grown through three generations and is now Scotland’s largest independent dairy since setting up in Bridge of Allan in 1939.

Elopak Verpackungen Kavli Planti Eko

With its brand Planti, nordic food-giant Kavli offers good plant-based alternatives to milk products. For example Soygurt® using Pure-Pak® Sense: Like yoghurt, but from soy!

Elopak Verpackung OLMA

OLMA, the second largest dairy company on the Czech market takes on plant-based products with its brand Green Day – e.g. with oat milk in a 750ml Pure-Pak® carton!

Elopak Verpackung Wasserbox
Wasser Box

Water using the aluminium-free Pure-Pak® Mini Curve instead of plastic bottles – and an individual design on demand: this way the WasserBox by The Box Beverages GmbH helps events become more climate-friendly!