Sustainability, Health & Nutrition

How modern packaging solutions can contribute to a sustainable, low-emission circular economy, how the delicious products inside help us eat healthily and which trends of today and alternatives of tomorrow keep us healthy (or make us healthier): this is what the articles in our category ‘Sustainability, Health and Nutrition’ deal with.

Elopak sustainability report 2023 – advancing our sustainable growth
Sustainability is the key to a successful future. Our combined annual and sustainability report 2023 is a testament to our commitment to a better world and a guide for our future endeavours.
From plastic to carton
Beverage cartons are the lower-emission alternative to plastic bottles. As sustainability awareness increases, so does their popularity.
Water in Pure-Pak® cartons
Water in beverage cartons is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Manufacturers can improve their carbon footprint and meet the sustainability demands of consumers.
Elopak Sustainability Report 2022 – protect our planet
Climate and environmental protection play an important role at Elopak. The sustainability report shows what the company has achieved and what goals it is pursuing.
Packaging as a lever for improved sustainability
Plant-based drinks are not only considered healthy, but also enjoy great popularity among consumers as a contribution to more sustainability in nutrition.
Elopak Pure Pak Hafermilch Pflanzenmilch
Plant-Based drinks in Pure-Pak®– The flight to new heights continues
Healthier and more sustainable – these are the benefits many consumers associate with a plant-based diet. This is one of the reasons why this segment is booming – especially plant-based drinks, which for many have become a real alternative to conventional milk.
Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Elopak
Elopak Sustainability Report 2021 – Towards net-zero
The year 2021 was a landmark year for Elopak. We shifted our focus from simply doing less harm towards doing more good.
Elopak Tethered Cap Befestigter Schraubverschluss
Tethered caps a tight connection for the future
In April, our long-standing customer NordseeMilch will launch the first beverage cartons with our tethered cap - the Pure-TwistFlip™. With this early change, the dairy is underlining its consistent focus on maximum sustainability in its products and packaging.
Zukunftsweisend in Sachen Nachhaltigkeit Elopak
Trendsetting in terms of sustainability – Leading the way in sustainability
The 2018 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on behalf of the FKN comparing beverage cartons in Germany with disposable PET and returnable glass bottles.
Elopak Wasser PurePak Beitrag
Pure Nature: Water in Pure-Pak®– Help save the world
Access to clean drinking water is one of humanity's greatest challenges. Ironically, however, the most widely used packaging solution - plastic bottles – brings its own environmental problems.