Technology & Services

How does the product get into its carton? A complex task: transport and filling systems must work reliably and efficiently under the highest hygiene standards in limited and location-dependent spaces. At the same time, they must offer easy operation, simple maintenance and high flexibility, and be integrated into and adapted to the product flow and IT systems of the respective company. In our category ‘Technology and Services’ we show how this works and everything about current innovations in filling technology, as well as the professional services surrounding it.

Technical service solutions
From spare parts to maintenance, Elopak provides a range of technical services to ensure that its packaging solutions consistently meet the highest quality standards.
Our service: From the idea to the shelf
At Elopak, our customers find high-quality packaging solutions from a single source. From sustainable beverage cartons to state-of-the-art filling technology and tailor-made secondary packaging – all elements are perfectly coordinated with each other and with our customers’ products.
Eröffnung Palurec Recyclinghalle
Opening of Palurec recycling plant – A milestone in beverage carton recycling
On 29 April, the Palurec recycling plant on the site of the Knapsack Chemical Park near Cologne was officially opened, heralding the dawn of a new era in beverage carton recycling.
Elopak Recycling Beitrag
76% recycling rate in Germany
Approximately 175,000 tonnes of beverage cartons are produced for the German market every year. This equates to an amount of approx. 2 kilograms per capita per year.