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Sustainability is the key to a successful future. Our combined annual and sustainability report 2023 is a testament to our commitment to a better world and a guide for our future endeavours.
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From spare parts to maintenance, Elopak provides a range of technical services to ensure that its packaging solutions consistently meet the highest quality standards.
At Elopak, our customers find high-quality packaging solutions from a single source. From sustainable beverage cartons to state-of-the-art filling technology and tailor-made secondary packaging – all elements are perfectly coordinated with each other and with our customers’ products.
Eröffnung Palurec Recyclinghalle
On 29 April, the Palurec recycling plant on the site of the Knapsack Chemical Park near Cologne was officially opened, heralding the dawn of a new era in beverage carton recycling.
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Today, barcodes are ubiquitous and indispensable for industry and commerce. The barcode appears as a barcode on products and packaging in retail as well as in manufacturing and for labelling transport goods or warehouse goods in logistics.
Hygiene products, household goods & Co.: More and more manufacturers of non-food products are relying on our D-PAK™ carton and thus reducing their plastic waste.
In the quest for plant-based alternatives to traditional cow’s milk, consumers are faced with a large and ever-growing selection of oat, soya, almond and other plant-based drinks when shopping.
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Sustainability is the key to a successful future. Our combined annual and sustainability report 2023 is a testament to our commitment to a better world and a guide for our future endeavours.
Beverage cartons are the lower-emission alternative to plastic bottles. As sustainability awareness increases, so does their popularity.
Water in beverage cartons is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Manufacturers can improve their carbon footprint and meet the sustainability demands of consumers.
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Art of Packaging Teil 3 Nachhaltigkeit
The aim of the neo-ecology megatrend is to make consumption more environmentally and socially ethical. The advantages of the Gable Top carton can be expanded even further. Optimisation and use for new products are the keys to greater sustainability.
Art of Packaging Teil 2
The second part of our series "The Art of Packaging" looks at the 12 megatrends that are influencing the food and packaging industry.
Art of Packaging Part 1
The story from the “paper bottle” to today's advanced packaging technologies illustrates how continuous innovation and the willingness to adapt to changing market requirements can drive success in the business world.
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Case Milk & More
Milk & More, UK

In addition to the classic glass bottle, Milk & More now also offers its customers fresh milk in Pure-Pak® cartons with natural brown board. In good old British tradition, they are delivered directly to the doorstep by the milkman. Each product variant is presented as a different façade of a home.

Case Joerd

JÖRĐ is Arla’s plant-based brand that has existed since 2020. It has now been relaunched as Arla JÖRĐ, making it a sub-brand of Arla. The product range includes oat drinks in various flavours, whose packaging designs have also been revised as part of the rebranding. 

Case Yoplait
Yoplait, France

Yoplait, the world’s largest yoghurt franchise brand, launches its first pourable and spoonable yoghurt in the Pure-Pak® Sense carton. The packaging is made from 78% renewable materials. With its 750 gram size, the carton replaces 6 plastic yoghurt pots and saves 50% packaging.

Case PlainB
plain b, Germany

Following the successful launch of plain b’s refill hand soap with the apricot fragrance last year, two new fragrances are now available: ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Forest Harmony’. Compared to conventional plastic hand soap dispensers, the D-PAK carton saves 82% plastic. 

About HOTSPOTS by Elopak

Elopak’s blog informs experts and interested parties about innovations and current market trends in the carton packaging segment. In addition to new products and advances in filling technology, we place a special focus on sustainability. We are convinced that responsibility does not stop with the content. Contemporary packaging must be geared towards the goal of a low-emission circular economy, while protecting the products inside and leaving the world unharmed at the same time. Not only the material and design of the packaging, but also the underlying filling technology and logistics can support manufacturers, bottlers and retailers in achieving their own ambitious environmental goals in optimal interaction. Find out how on this website.