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From spare parts to maintenance, Elopak provides a range of technical services to ensure that its packaging solutions consistently meet the highest quality standards.
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From spare parts to maintenance, Elopak provides a range of technical services to ensure that its packaging solutions consistently meet the highest quality standards.
At Elopak, our customers find high-quality packaging solutions from a single source. From sustainable beverage cartons to state-of-the-art filling technology and tailor-made secondary packaging – all elements are perfectly coordinated with each other and with our customers’ products.
Eröffnung Palurec Recyclinghalle
On 29 April, the Palurec recycling plant on the site of the Knapsack Chemical Park near Cologne was officially opened, heralding the dawn of a new era in beverage carton recycling.
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Hygiene products, household goods & Co.: More and more manufacturers of non-food products are relying on our D-PAK™ carton and thus reducing their plastic waste.
In the quest for plant-based alternatives to traditional cow’s milk, consumers are faced with a large and ever-growing selection of oat, soya, almond and other plant-based drinks when shopping.
Pure Pak Kartons Milch Hafermilch Orangensaft Elopak
There's no two ways about it: whether they're for juice, water, iced tea or milk, beverage cartons are far more sustainable compared with other types of packaging, especially when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.
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Beverage cartons are the lower-emission alternative to plastic bottles. As sustainability awareness increases, so does their popularity.
Water in beverage cartons is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Manufacturers can improve their carbon footprint and meet the sustainability demands of consumers.
Climate and environmental protection play an important role at Elopak. The sustainability report shows what the company has achieved and what goals it is pursuing.
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Tropicana Getränkekarton
Tropicana, UK

Tropicana has launched its first range of shelf-stable juices, opening up new markets for the global brand. The shelf-stable juices launched at all major retailers in the UK in mid-2023.

WOVO by Campomayor, Spain

Liquid egg pioneer Campomayor has teamed up with Spanish food scientists to develop the world’s first dairy alternative made from egg whites. WOVO was launched in April 2023 in national retailers across Spain including Carrefour Hypermarkets, Gadis, Froiz and Vegalsa-Eroski chains.

D-PAK™ carton for LUORO
LUORO, Germany

The German manufacturer and supplier of sustainable products introduced the new ‘Mild Herbs’ Paperdent mouthwash in 500ml D-PAK™ cartons in August 2023. The carton enables LUORO to save more than 80 percent plastic compared to the usual packaging for mouthwash products.

Délice Tunesia

Délice is launching two new functional juices in 750 ml Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic cartons. The packaging optimally protects the apple nectar with cereal fibre and the multi-fruit nectar with magnesium.

About HOTSPOTS by Elopak

Elopak’s blog informs experts and interested parties about innovations and current market trends in the carton packaging segment. In addition to new products and advances in filling technology, we place a special focus on sustainability. We are convinced that responsibility does not stop with the content. Contemporary packaging must be geared towards the goal of a low-emission circular economy, while protecting the products inside and leaving the world unharmed at the same time. Not only the material and design of the packaging, but also the underlying filling technology and logistics can support manufacturers, bottlers and retailers in achieving their own ambitious environmental goals in optimal interaction. Find out how on this website.