June 9, 2023

Non-food products in D-PAK cartons: How Elopak is conquering new segments

Increasingly, consumers put great stress on the environmental friendliness of packaging and want to reduce the plastic waste they create. This increased awareness of sustainability applies not only to food, but also to household products.
We have been producing carton packaging for more than 60 years and have extensive experience in the production of sustainable packaging solutions. Thanks to our comprehensive know-how, we were able to transfer our technology, which has so far mainly been used in the food sector, to the non-food sector. Based on our many years of experience in the food sector, we have developed the D-PAK™ carton for non-food products. With it, we offer manufacturers and brands a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging, so that they can contribute to the protection of the climate and the environment, and thus meet the demands of consumers.

The features of the D-PAK™ carton:

Made with paperboard from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources

Easy to empty, fold and dispose of

Saves on weight and space during transport

Clear distinguishability for non-food contents through a label that covers the closure

Meets all requirements of EU regulation

360-degree printing with plenty of space for branding and brand communication

Of course, only products that do not harm the environment are packed in D-PAK™ cartons. They are filled by a specially developed filling machine. A few weeks ago, a new Elopak-owned test facility for the filling of non-food products was put into operation. The filling line in the Netherlands enables small-scale filling and initial market tests, which can be of particular interest to smaller customers and start-ups.

Where our cartons are used

Possible product applications for our cartons are versatile. One of the users is the manufacturer of hygiene and personal care products called Luoro, which is well-known from the German TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen.” The company has just launched a mouthwash under its oral care brand Paperdent in our D-PAK™ cartons. The sustainably packaged mouthwash is available online and in selected pharmacies and supermarkets in Germany and Austria.
With our packaging solution, Luoro saves more than 80 per cent plastic compared to the usual plastic packaging. It is made with wood from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources and is fully recyclable. Luoro also opted for a climate-neutral carton. In choosing our packaging solution, the company is following the example of other manufacturers of household products who already pack detergents, fabric softeners or hand soap in our D-PAK™ cartons.

Orkla is a pioneer in Scandinavia

One company that has been an early adopter of carton packaging is Orkla. As the first company in Norway to do so, Orkla has been offering hand soap and detergent in our cartons as refill products under the Klar brand since 2020. Today, 90 per cent of Klar refill products are sold in D-PAK™ cartons. The market launch was so successful that in Norway Orkla has also been offering detergents under the Omo, Blenda and Milo brands in refill cartons since 2021. In 2022, Orkla also converted the Grumme brand in Sweden and the Lumme brand in Finland to 750 ml D-PAK™ cartons.
“Our goal is to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint without having to compromise on quality, fragrance or ease of use. The carton is made from renewable materials and can be sorted for recycling with other cardboard and paper items such as milk cartons and newspapers in Norway. It is volume efficient, saving on both weight and space in transport.”
Anne Marheim Støren, Head of Marketing & Innovation Sustainable Living from Orkla OHPC
In addition to Orkla and Luoro, other manufacturers are using our D-PAK™ cartons. A recent example of this is found in the UK market, where two renowned manufacturers of dishwashing and laundry detergents have recently introduced their products in our refill cartons. This decision underlines the growing awareness among manufacturers of the importance of environmentally friendly packaging.
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Case Milk & More

In addition to the classic glass bottle, Milk & More now also offers its customers fresh milk in Pure-Pak® cartons with natural brown board. In good old British tradition, they are delivered directly to the doorstep by the milkman. Each product variant is presented as a different façade of a home.

Case Joerd

JÖRĐ is Arla’s plant-based brand that has existed since 2020. It has now been relaunched as Arla JÖRĐ, making it a sub-brand of Arla. The product range includes oat drinks in various flavours, whose packaging designs have also been revised as part of the rebranding. 

Case Yoplait

Yoplait, the world’s largest yoghurt franchise brand, launches its first pourable and spoonable yoghurt in the Pure-Pak® Sense carton. The packaging is made from 78% renewable materials. With its 750 gram size, the carton replaces 6 plastic yoghurt pots and saves 50% packaging.