The Art of Packaging – Part 3
The aim of the neo-ecology megatrend is to make consumption more environmentally and socially ethical. The advantages of the Gable Top carton can be expanded even further. Optimisation and use for new products are the keys to greater sustainability.
Digital watermarks, more than just an invisible barcode
Today, barcodes are ubiquitous and indispensable for industry and commerce. The barcode appears as a barcode on products and packaging in retail as well as in manufacturing and for labelling transport goods or warehouse goods in logistics.
Technical service solutions
From spare parts to maintenance, Elopak provides a range of technical services to ensure that its packaging solutions consistently meet the highest quality standards.
Non-food products in D-PAK cartons: How Elopak is conquering new segments
Hygiene products, household goods & Co.: More and more manufacturers of non-food products are relying on our D-PAK™ carton and thus reducing their plastic waste.
Kantar consumer survey: Consumers rated Pure-Pak® eSense as the ideal packaging for plant-based drinks
In the quest for plant-based alternatives to traditional cow’s milk, consumers are faced with a large and ever-growing selection of oat, soya, almond and other plant-based drinks when shopping.